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School - Multiple Teachers


Libib is an excellent way to aggregate all books from individual classrooms to searchable published libraries.

The account owner will create a new basic manager account for each teacher, along with a library for each teacher which will be assigned to them. The teacher can now use the website, or Libib's mobile app to scan in books from their classroom. If the account owner wishes, they can publish all or any subset of those libraries, which will aggregate under the account owner's public URL:

Additionally each teacher will have their own classroom library available at their username's URL if they choose to publish:

When a patron (student) searches the school's (owner's) account, they will be able to look through all books from all teachers, and identify which classroom it's from. This is also great for teachers who want to share resources but don't know what other teachers may have in their libraries.

If the school wishes, they can setup circulation, where patrons can place holds on books, and teachers can check them out.

The cost of this setup is $5 for the owner account (of which there can only be one), and $1/per teacher (manager).
Cost listed above is monthly, but there are annual payment options available.