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School - Network of Schools


Shared Libraries across Network

If a network of schools (multiple locations) would like to setup their library network so that resources are shared, this will be setup a couple of different ways depending on the need.

If each school has a single library, the best way to set this up is to have the account owner create 1 or more basic managers for each school which will be that school's librarian(s). The account owner will also add libraries for each school and assign the correct managers(s) to their corresponding libraries.

Each school will have their libraries available via their respective address.

The aggregate of all libraries across the entire network could be made available at the address.

The caveat in this setup, is every school will all have the same lend and hold settings as defined by the account owner, as well as share all the patrons from every school. Depending on the size of the network and student population, this may or may not be difficult to manage. 

Separate Non-connected Libraries for each School

For this setup, each school have their own Libib account.

Then, depending on each school's needs, set up the library as a single physical library, or as an aggregate with multiple teachers feeding in the data.