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Single Physical Library


For any organization, school, home, or religious institution (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc...) which wishes to have their physical library available for lending (circulation), it can be as easy as having a single user (the account owner) which controls everything.

Libib will allow you to create multiple virtual libraries (see add library) which represents different types of items: books, music, movies, and video games. All these virtual libraries will be (optionally) aggregated together on the account owners published library page for searching.

In this setup, the account owner is the sole librarian. They have the ability to catalog, edit, create call numbers, publish libraries, allow holds, lend, and all other features that Pro provides. The account owner essentially acts as the librarian.

If other users (managers) are needed, they can be added ($1/mo per manager) as admins, and will be able to help with the cataloging, editing, and lending process.