Patron Passwords


Patrons are typically responsible for setting their own password the first time they attempt to login/place a hold/checkout an item on your published libraries page.

A patron who attempts to login/place a hold/checkout will be presented with an authentication dialog.

If the patrons has already set their password, they can use their email or barcode ID to login.
Otherwise a patron will need to click on the "Need Password?" link.

A second dialog will pop-up asking the patron to enter in their email address. This assumes that the patron has been added by a manager to your library. A person who has not been added as a patron will not be able to request a password.

The patron will then request a randomized password to be emailed to them.
If you have turned on the Patron Login option, the patron will also be able to change their password.

Alternatively, a manager can manually set a patron password when editing a patron from the Lending > Patrons section. However, we recommend using this method only to help users who are technically challenged or when there is a need to troubleshoot.