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Batch Edit


Batch edit is a pro feature that will allow you to select and edit multiple items at a time within a single library.

Batch Edit

You can batch tags, add notes, add groups, move items from one library to another, add a new status, or delete items within a single library.

After making a selection of items:

Tags allows you to append, overwrite or replace tags. Append allows you the option of adding new tags to existing ones. If you append and there are repeated tags, Libib will automatically consolidate those for you. Overwrite will completely overwrite any existing tags, and if you submit with an empty input box, then all tags will be removed. Replace allows you to choose a single tag, and replace it with another. If the tag does not exist in your selection, no action is taken.

allows you to append to or overwrite existing notes. Append allows you the option of adding new notes to existing notes. Overwrite will completely overwrite any existing notes. If you save an empty text box, it will remove all previous entries!

Group will create a new group in an item that has no group, or replace a previous group in one that does. Submitting an empty input box will clear any existing groups.

Move will take your selection and move it into another library in your account of the same type. Be aware that moving an item into a library where it already exists will fail with a warning.

Status creates a new status every-time for the items selected. It does not alter existing status'.

Delete will permanently remove the selected items from the library.