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The feed is a list of all recent activity for yourself, as well as those you follow. It is similar in concept to Twitter's feed.

When a site is published, it will automatically post your status dates: Completed and In Progress dates.

  1. Find Friends - Search for your friends on Libib. Lookup by their name or email address.
  2. Post - Create a new post which will be shown to your followers, as well as auto-tweet if you have allowed to share on twitter. Posts are limited to 140 characters. You can @tag other users, and #tag any item which exists in your libraries.
  3. Following - The number of users that you are following.
  4. Followers - The number of users that are following you.
  5. All - Shows all posts from yourself and those that you follow.
  6. Mentions - Shows only the posts that have mentioned you via @tag.
  7. Feed - A list style feed of posts. From here you can reply to people, delete your previous posts, or re-post another user's post.

Users in a pro account always post as themselves (not as the account).
They also have their own set of friends/followers, and can treat other users in the same account as independent (they can @tag other users in and out of the account). 

Only the owner can post as the owner account.