Add Library

The add library page will be the first page that you see once you’ve registered and signed in. The title is the name of library, and how you will identify it. A library can consist of a single type of item. That means a library can contain either books, movies, video games, or music. You can create up to […]

Import a CSV file

Download CSV Import Template Libib lets you import your items via a csv file, but does require that you have at least one identifying column (ISBN 13, ISBN 10, UPC, EAN). To start an import, select the CSV Import option on the Add Items page. The fields that you are allowed to […]

Item List – App

After tapping on the library you wish to explore, you will be presented with the item list page. This will, by default, be an alphabetic list of your items by title. (Sorting can be adjusted in the app’s settings). The Delete  and Edit buttons are revealed when you swipe on an item. Delete deletes the item […]

Settings – App

User shows the current user account that is logged in. You can click on this to add/remove a second account, or switch between them. This prevents the need from logging in and out of a private account and business account. Account Type shows whether you are a Standard user or […]

Search – App

Clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner on the libraries page will bring up an input box that will allow you to search across all your libraries at once. The results will display: title, creator (author, director, band, platform), library the item resides in, and any ratings you have given […]

Item Details – App

When an item is tapped, either from the search page or the item list page, you will be brought to the item’s details. From this page you can view cover art, description, metadata such as ISBN and page #, your ratings, tags and other options. Catalog are the catalog data (such as DDC, LCC…) […]

Add Library – App

When in the libraries tab, tap the “+” button in the bottom right corner to bring up the add library page. From this page you must give your library a title and choose the type of library: books, movies, video games, or music. You can also choose to publish the library. This will make the library accessible to the public online. You […]

Libraries – App

When the app is first installed, and you have not used the website to already create a library, you will land on an empty libraries page. Before you do anything else, add a new library by clicking the “+” button on the bottom right corner.   If you have added libraries using […]

Lending – App

Managers can now lend items out of their libraries using the mobile app and a barcode. While you can use the ISBN/UPC to do this, we highly recommend using Libib’s custom barcodes. You will be guaranteed accurate results this way.The lending menu is located on the top left and allows […]

Add Items

You will always be adding items into the library that you’re currently working in: This is indicated by the title. If you need to switch to another library, go to your home page, change your library, and go back to add items. There are 3 ways to add items on […]