Q. How do I pronounce Libib?
It is pronounced luh-bib. For you IPA people, relish the schwa: ləbib.

Q. Is there a limit to how many items I can store?
5,000 items for basic accounts (previously known as “standard”) and 100,000 for Pro accounts.

Q. Is there a limit to how many collections I can create?
Currently you can have up to 100 collections per account.

Collections are meant to be a logical or physical separation of items.

Examples of how collections can be separated:
Example1: Home library, Office library
Example2: Books, Music, Video games
Example3: Mr. Jones Classroom, Ms. Smith Classroom, Ms. Gonzalez Classroom

For categorizations (such as genres) we recommend using tags, not collection names.

Pro accounts can assign collections to specific managers.

Q. What does a Pro subscription get me?
Pro subscriptions are geared toward small organizations, schools and religious institutions, but many individual users have found benefits to upgrading as wellYou get the ability to lend, have patrons, patron holds, batch editing, multi-user management, search all collections at once, more control over published library, and other cool stuff.

Read about all the Pro features here: https://www.libib.com/pricing

Q. How many patrons can I add?
Patrons – those who interact with your published library: place holds and can have items checked out to them – have no hard limit. You can add as many patrons to your account as you need.

Q. My item is missing some information, what can I do?
All users can edit covers, titles, descriptions and creators. So feel free to make these changes as needed. Pro users can edit all data, so any missing information can be quickly added and removed. Alternatively, every item on the website has a “flag” option. If an item is flagged it will go under review and a Libib staff member will make any necessary changes within 48 business hours.

Q. Why are some of my books missing LCCN, DDC, OCLC, LCC information?
This info is only exposed to Pro users, and only for books. We make a best effort to collect as much as this info as we can, but can not guarantee that each item will have a complete record. We do allow you to edit this metadata yourself, so you are never without the option to correct and add!

Q. When I try and scan on the mobile app, why doesn’t the barcode scanner appear?
It’s likely the app was denied access to your phone’s camera. Go to your phones settings and allow Libib access to your camera.

Q. What happens when I make a change to my subscription?

When you switch subscription plans in the middle of a billing period, here’s what happens:

  • If the new plan has a different billing frequency from the old plan (for example, monthly to yearly)
    • The first full period of the new plan begins immediately, and you are charged for the first period less the account balance.
  • If the new plan has the same billing frequency, we do something slightly more complex, but with the result of keeping the billing schedule the same:
    • We immediately create a line item for the remaining portion of the current billing period at the new plan rate
    • At the next scheduled billing, you are charged for the line item and the full charge for the upcoming period, less the account balance.
  • If the account balance amount is larger than the amount due, you are not charged anything, and the account balance is carried over to future billing periods, until it’s spent down.

Q. How can I delete my account?
On the website, click on your profile menu (top right) and navigate to:
Profile > Delete Account

Deleting an account is permanent and can not be undone.
If you are a Pro user this also stops all future billing and detaches any managers.

Q. How can I downgrade my account ?
Please contact us via the contact form and request a downgrade.