Manage Billing


The Subscription tab allows you to make changes to your existing subscription such as choose monthly, yearly, or adding/removing additional managers on your account.

Edit Card

The Edit Card tab allows you to update your card on file. If you successfully update your card on file it will remove the previous card and only the new card will be used moving forward. The Edit Card tab will show a preview of the active card that will be used when your subscription renews.


Receipts show an activity log of payment history. The receipts table displays date, amount(USD), last 4 digits of card used, and a link to the web receipt. The web receipts includes a downloadable PDF receipt as well.

Account Cancellation

If you’re needing to cancel your subscription you can contact us and we can assist with that. Alternatively, you can delete your account from the Profile page.

Updated on October 12, 2022

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