POST /managers – REST API

Create a Manager: POST /managers

Create a completely new manager in the account. Must have open manager seats for this method to succeed.

URL Parameters
Values should be paramaterized such as using http_build_query() as per example below. All field are required.

  • first_name: REQUIRED – Manager’s first name.
  • last_name: REQUIRED – Manager’s last name.
  • email: REQUIRED – Manager’s email, must be unique.
  • username: REQUIRED – Manager’s username, must be unique. Will be part of the published library URL. Alphanumeric only, 2-15 characters, no spaces.
  • password: REQUIRED – Manager’s password. Minimum 8 characters.
  • role: REQUIRED – Manager’s role in the account. If assigned as a basic manager, library assignment must be completed by the account owner using the website. Allowed values: admin, basic

JSON Result Details
Password is never returned in result set.

  • first_name: Manager’s first name.
  • last_name: Manager’s last name.
  • email: Manager’s email.
  • username: Manager’s username.
  • role: The managerial role for this user.

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