Searching is fairly straightforward. By default searching will look through titles, authors, directors, actors and band/artists.

When clicking on the arrow dropdown, advanced options appear. These options will let you create advanced searches to delve deeper into your data. Using the advanced search will auto-create search operators and place them into the search box. These operators are described in detail below.

ex. series of unfortunate events  rating:3,4  tag:funny,sad  status:completed

Search for an exact word or phrase
search terms

Our search matches based on relevancy, giving preferred ranking to titles and creators. To search for an exact phrase, place the words in quotes.

a people's history

Search for items completed during a certain period of time

Find items completed using a date range. Dates given are inclusive. Format of date must be: YYYY-MM-DD


Find items by rating

Find results that have the given rating(s). Separate ratings with a comma. Allowed options: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, none (if using "none", no other rating can be included).


Search for items with a tag

Find results that have the given tag(s). Results will include only the items which contain all of the given tags. Searching with "tags:none" will bring back all items without tags. Separate tags with a comma.


Find items by status

Find items by their current status. Allowed options: no status, not begun, in progress, abandoned, completed

status:not begun

Find items by number of copies

Find results that have the given copies. Separate copy number with a comma. Allowed options: 1, 2, 3 ... n


Find items by grouping

Find results that have been grouped by the group name. Searching with "groups:none" will bring back all items without groups. Separate groups with a comma.

groups: dollars trilogy


[PRO] Find items by Lexile

Find results within the "sweet spot" of a specific Lexile measurement. Given a Lexile, Libib will search for all books that are in the appropriate reading level. If you use a 2 character Lexile code, Libib will only look for books that also include that code.

lexile: 1050L


Pro users can search all libraries at the same time by clicking on the drop down menu and toggling the "Search all libraries" button near the top. When this button is on, the tags list will automatically display all tags across all libraries as well (basic managers will see all tags for all libraries that they have access to).

When search all is enabled, the magnifying class turns blue as well.

This will search across all
the libraries that you have access to and across all library types.