Kiosk App – Patron Self Checkout

Libib offers managers the option of two types of kiosks for patron self checkout:

  • Kiosk Web: A website kiosk, to be used on desktop and laptop computers with a physical barcode scanner.
  • Kiosk App: A mobile app for iOS and Android tablets. The app has a barcode scanner built into it. This article discusses the app kiosk.


The Kiosk App is meant to be a device which resides in the library and patrons can walk up to and checkout items from. To first initiate the Kiosk App, once it is downloaded a Libib manager must login to the app. The act of a manager logging into the app, unlocks the Kiosk App and connects it to that manager’s libraries. Now patrons may access the app, and sign in using their patron credentials. The app remains unlocked until a manager decides to sign out again.

Kiosk App

    1. 1. For manual entry of barcode number if scanner isn’t working or barcode is damaged.
    1. 2. Tap add after manually entering a barcode number to look it up and place it in queue.
    1. 3. Brings up the barcode scanner to scan barcodes. We recommend using our custom barcodes.
    1. 4. Manager menu, requires authentication to access.

      • Change the default barcode scanner camera position (front or back). Generally the back camera (default) will give better results.
      • Logout
    1. 5. List of items in queue ready to be checked out. Slide an item over to remove it.
    1. 6. Due date of items once checked out.
    1. 7. Clear all items out of the queue.
    1. 8. Brings up patron authentication dialog and checks patron out.

For kiosk settings log on to and navigate to:
Settings > Lending > Kiosk self-checkout for Patrons

The options for kiosk self-checkout are:

  1. Turn on Web Kiosk: This will create the url for a web kiosk for your library. This has no effect on the Kiosk App!
  2. Kiosk Password Mode:
    Low Trust: Require patrons to enter their own passwords.
    High Trust: Create a shared password for all patrons.
    Absolute Trust: No password required, just email or patron barcode number. We recommend that you use this setting when you are only using the Kiosk App and not the Web Kiosk, for security reasons.
  3. Disallow self-checkouts on libraries: Prevents specific libraries from having its items checked out. Basically creating a reference library.

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