Lending Overview

As a Pro user, you can lend out items to patrons. When viewing the lending page, you can search for items from any library that you have access to, and check them out to any patron in the system.The top left input bar Lending Item allows you to search for items using the title, creator, UPC/ISBN, or a custom barcode.

If the item is completely checked out, or has a hold, the system will give a visual indication of this by showing it with a lower opacity level and prevent you from checking it out.

You will also see information regarding who the item is checked out to, when it was checked out, and the date due. (To change the default due date of 14 days, go to settings).

As a convenience, there is a check in option shown at the bottom right corner of the item details. This will allow you to quickly check an item back in if needed.

If the item is on hold, you will see a release option which will release the hold and immediately place it in the lending queue – unless there are multiple custom barcodes, in which case it will release the hold, but require you to chose a specific barcode.

Once an item is in the lending queue, you can remove it by clicking the “x”, or add more items by continuing another Lending Itemsearch.

Before you can check out the item(s), you must assign a patron. The top right input box is where you can search for patrons. You can look them up by name, email or ID. (You can add your own user IDs, or use the user number that is auto-assigned by Libib).

Once you’ve assigned a patron,  the checkout button will appear. Additionally, you may choose to place the items on hold for that patron. This will reserve a copy of the item in the system for later checkout.

If a new patron is needed, click on the Quick Patron Add link below the patron input box. This allows you to quickly add new patrons. The only required fields are first name and last name, but we highly recommend that you add an email address as well since many additional features (such as putting items on hold, and sending email reminders) requires a patron email address.

There is no hard limit to the amount of patrons that can be added.

Check In Mode

For a quick way to check in items that, you can use the Check In mode with a physical barcode scanner.

Click the “Check In Mode” button and begin scanning in the barcodes to immediately check items in.
Works best with Libib’s custom barcodes, but can also use the item’s ISBN/UPC.

If you are scanning in a non-custom-barcode which has multiple copies, Libib will prompt you to choose the correct item to check in.

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