Patron Account Page

The Patron Account Page can be made available by a library manager in Lending Settings. This will create a button on the published library page which allows patrons to log in and view/change details about their account. (See the white button beneath the library’s logo to the image on the left).

A patron can log in either with their email and password, or with their barcode and password. If a patron has not yet set their password, or can’t remember it, they can click on the Need Password link to request a new one be sent to their email.

Once a patron is logged in, they will have access to their Account Overview and an Edit Profile page.

Account Overview

The account overview page lets a patron view any currently checked out items, items that they have placed on hold, as well as a list of recently checked out items that have been returned. If an item checked out is past due, it will be highlighted in red. A patron, if the setting is turned on by the library manager, may also be able to self-renew their currently checked out items. Renewals may be grayed out if the item has already been renewed, or if the item has an active hold.

A patrons holds can be released from this page as well, if the patron decides they no longer want to check out the item.

Edit Profile

From the edit profile page, a user can change the details of their account, including the ability to stop receiving due date and past due notifications.

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