Patrons – App

Lending is only available on Libib Pro accounts.

The patrons page shows all your patrons as well as allows you to add a new patron, or edit or delete existing patrons.

You can search for a patron with their name, email address or barcode number.

The number in the gray badge is a quick reference for how many items the patron currently has checked out.

Clicking the “+” icon in the top right corner will allow you to do a quick patron add. Only the first and last name are required, but you can add a patron email as well. If you are needing to add more information to the patron record, you can do so through the website.

Sliding over a patron, reveals the edit and delete button.

Edit will allow you to change the patron’s name and email address.

Deleting will remove the patron – be aware that if the patron has any current checkouts, you will need to check those items in first before you can delete the patron.

Updated on March 27, 2022
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