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Published Collections – Public Site

All managers have the option to publish any subset of the collections that they have access to under their account.

You must first choose an alias for your published collections. For example, if user1 chose an alias of user1 for published library3 and library4, then those libraries would be publicly accessible at: https://libib.com/u/user1

The pro published page shown below, has additional features available to it:

Exposing searching, tags, additional meta-data, logos, theme, social icons, sorting, links, placing holds, and availability.

The public site is viewable by the public at large, if they have the URL to access.

Requiring patron login can enabled by Pro users to prevent the public from accessing the publc site.

From here your patrons can discover the items in your collections by simply browsing, or using or relevancy-based search options. If you have tags, they can help patrons filter down which items they’re specifically wanting to view.

From here patrons have the option (if enabled), to place items on hold or self-checkout items – and the managers can choose to be notified each time an item is placed on hold as well. Holds can be placed even if the item is already checked out, and an availability button will note when it is expected to be back in stock.

More information on public site settings can be found here: Publish

Updated on May 22, 2022
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