Item Details - Editing your item info

- Editing gives you the ability to change textual details about your item.
and Pro let you edit to different degrees. See bottom for details.

Tags - You can add your own subject headings using tags, and these are searchable.

Notes - Notes are a way to keep additional info about the item. This include thoughts, item details, or just general info.

Groups - Groups only work with titles. It is a way to place series items together under the same heading. ex. Harry Potter

Move - Moves an item from one library to another of the same type. Be aware that moving an item into a library where it already exists will create a duplicate of that item - it will NOT increment the copies of the item.

Purchase - Buy an item (this may not be available for all items).

Delete - Removes an item from the library.

Add Copy - You can add multiple copies by clicking on the "+" symbol and identifying how many copies to add - with a limit of 500 copies per item. From here you can also write a note specific to each copy. 
[PRO] Copies in Pro also have EAN13 barcodes auto-generated for each copy which can be used during lending. These barcodes can be overridden and custom barcodes put in place. Barcodes must be between 5-15 digits.

Cover Image - Hover over the cover image of an item, and an upload button will appear. Click on the upload button and you can upload any jpg or png image to replace the current image. The max image file size you can upload is 10MB; images over this limit will be silently rejected.

Editing with a standard account lets you edit the title, creator (authors, directors, platforms, band) and descriptions.

Editing in Pro gives you the ability to edit all meta-data on an item.

Every right-hand menu item affects the item's details for all users in an account. Editing tags, notes, titles, deleting, etc... affects all users who have access to the library.

All selections made to the left hand side (ratings, reviews, status') are user specific.

ex. Changing a rating will only change the rating for that specific user.

It can be thought of this way:

Changes that affect the meta-data of an item affects that item for all users.
Changes that affect user info about that item only affects that user!