Libib automatically creates a custom SKU for both items and patrons. Libib’s barcode generator is a great option for printing QR barcode labels at home or at your organization’s office.

If you want a better understanding of how Libib creates and standardizes our custom barcodes, check out our getting started guide for barcodes!

Libib has a simple built-in QR barcode label generator that is compatible with a subset of Avery® templates.

Make sure that we support your needed template before purchasing labels. If we don’t, feel free to contact us and make a request for a future addition

You can create QR barcodes for either your items or patrons.

Once you’ve made your selections, click the Generate QR button.

When printing item barcodes and using the date selection or the sort by ‘added/updated’ option, be aware that these dates refer to when a copy was last added/updated, NOT when an item’s details were last updated. Example: If you add a copy, or save a barcode entry, the updated date will change for that copy. If you edit the description of an item, the updated date will not change for any copies of the item.

Your labels will be created as a printable web page.

If you have a lot of labels, they will be broken up into sets of 25 pages, which you will need to toggle through to print each set.

You can make margin adjustments if your print alignment is slightly off by using the page adjustment input boxes.

Print a single test page first to confirm alignment, before printing all your labels.
Updated on June 15, 2022
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