Batch Edit

Batch edit is a pro feature that will allow you to select and edit multiple items at a time within a single library.

You can batch edit tags, notesgroupscall#, move items from one library to another, or delete items.

Step 1

On Cover/Summary View hover the item’s cover image to activate the white circle in the bottom right corner of the cover image > click it to select an item and bring up batch edit panel.

On List View click the circle that appears to the left of the item’s title > this will activate the batch edit panel.

Step 2

Select more items or use the search or filters to narrow results further. You can make selections and repeat these steps as needed to select the necessary items. You can optionally click “Select collection” or “Select search” to select all items in a collection or all items that are currently displayed in the active search.

Step 3

Choose the process you want to complete > follow the additional steps for each and click Submit to complete the batch edit.

Tags support the options to add, replace or delete tags. Add Tags allows you the option of adding new tags to existing ones. If you Add Tags and there are repeated tags, Libib will automatically consolidate those for you. Replace allows you to choose a single tag, and replace it with another. If the tag does not exist in your selection, no action is taken. Delete will remove the select tag.

Call# allows you to set the call number for select items. You can type DELETE CALL to remove the call# for selected items as well.

Notes appends to existing notes for all selected items. To delete existing notes in selection, type in DELETE NOTES.

Group will create a new group or replace an item’s current group. To delete an existing group in the selection, type DELETE GROUP.

Move will take your selection and move it into another collection. Items that are being actively lent or have active holds can not be moved.

Delete will permanently remove the selected items from the collection.

Batch edit is a permanent action that cannot be undone. The only exception is item deletions which can be restored if you have a Libib Pro account under Settings > Restore tab for 30 days after the item removal.
Updated on April 27, 2022

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