Libraries Settings

Hide notes and descriptions allows you to hide your notes and descriptions on your home library page. This comes in handy if you simply want a cleaner look on your detailed list page. The notes and descriptions are still available when you go to edit them, or search on them, but are otherwise hidden.

Export library (.csv) allows you to choose any of your libraries and export them to a comma separated values (csv) file. You can only export one library at a time, and they will exist as separate files.

Export barcodes(.csv) allows you to export a list of auto-generated custom barcode numbers (or your own custom barcodes if you have edited) for each copy of every item in a library. The export contains a subset of the information in the “Export a library” file, in a de-normalized format. The primary purpose of this export is to create labels.

Set default status allows you to automatically set an item’s status when it is added. If every book you add is created after you’ve read it, you can set the default to “Completed” and every item you add will register as completed. This affects all libraries.

Delete a library will delete the libraries you choose. This is an unrecoverable action. If you delete a library, the library, along with all the items in the library are deleted permanently.

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