Reports allow managers to download csv text tables of data related to lending. You can select all your collections, or a single collection to create a report on. The max range that can be exported at any time is 12 continuous months.

Current reports available for export are:

  • Item Lending Aggregate
    Aggregate number that each item has been checked out.
    See which items are the most popular in your library.
  • Patron Lending Aggregate
    Aggregate number of items each patron has checked out.
    See which patrons check out the most items.
  • Patron Individual Lending
    List each patron/item checked out.
    See a historical list of all items checked out by patron.
  • Patron Holds Aggregate
    Aggregate number of holds each patron has placed.
    See which patrons place the most holds.
  • Items Not Lent
    Items not checked out.
    A historical list to help with weeding.
  • Patron Individual Holds
    List each patron/hold placed.
    See a historical list of all items held by patron.
  • Current Checkouts
    Current checked out items with patron info list.
    This ignores the date range as it returns all actively checked out items.
Updated on May 22, 2022
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