Getting Libib Pro

Creating a new account: simply visit and fill out the form. Or if you are on the registration page, click on the “Go Pro!” button.

Upgrading an existing account: log-in to your existing account at, click “Upgrade” towards the bottom of the left sidebar, fill out the form and submit.

We do not currently support upgrading to Libib Pro through our mobile apps. The mobile apps do however support many Libib Pro features. See an exhaustive list of features here: Libib Pro features overview

Libib Pro Features

Lending / Circulation System

An amazing full circulation system that allows managers to check items out, set due-dates on the fly, place items on hold, manage items and patrons, view a history of past details, and get reports across time.

Expanded searching

Both managers and patrons can search across all libraries at once.

Multiple published site layout options

Make your public site as detailed or simple as you need. Add and remove elements such as tags, classifications, search bar, and other details.

Patron self-checkouts & holds

Allow for patrons to self-checkout and place holds from your public URL, making circulation nearly self-sufficient.

Kiosk mode

Point your browser to the kiosk location on a computer monitor, attach a physical barcode scanner.  Patrons can walk up to the kiosk and scan items in and check themselves out.

Add Books by Library of Congress Number

Have an older book with no ISBN? Now you can add it through its LCCN.

Auto-generated custom barcodes

If you want to get serious about cataloging and circulation, we create custom barcode numbers which you can export and print to manage your collection. It works beautifully alongside our kiosk option.

REST API for management of Patrons & Managers

Libib’s REST API allows programmers to manage their patrons and managers. Easily synchronize patrons with your organization.

Unlimited patrons

You can add as many patrons as you need. Patrons have the optional ability to login through your public library page and manage their account details, see their lending history, and active holds.

Custom branding for published site

Change your public library page’s colors, add your own logo, website, and facebook/youtube/instagram links.

Searchable published site (OPAC)

Patrons can search across all your published collections at once! Each manager gets their own unique URL if desired: Ideal for teachers in a school who only want their books available to their students.

Patron email notifications

Libib can be set to remind patrons of upcoming due-dates and past due items. Patrons can also be notified when a held item becomes available.

Batch editing

Select multiple items at once in a single library and batch edit them. Replace tags across all items, or move an entire collection of items into another collection.

Lexiles, DDC, LCC and LCCN for books

We add some additional meta-data for Pro users, including classification information such as DDC and partial LCC. While not every single book will have all this information, the vast majority of items in our database do.

Ability to edit all fields

Upgrade to Libib Pro, and immediately get access to edit all the fields of each item. Need to add a publish date, or change the classifications? Now you can!

Restore System

Easily restore deleted items/patrons/entire collections for 30 days after their initial deletion.

History Log

Quickly view all account history to see when items/patrons/collections are added, edited, deleted or when other managers are accessing Libib.

Updated on July 26, 2023
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