Getting Started – App

Step 1

After you’ve created your account and logged in you’ll be greeted with the Add Library screen. This is the first step to begin cataloging your collection.

Start by clicking the “+” in the top left corner of the libraries tab.

The Add Library form will appear.

  1. Select a title
  2. Select a type (Books, movies, music, or video games). It’s important to note that libraries can only contain a single type. Don’t worry though you can create up to 100 different to hold all your books, movies, music, and games.
  3. Choose to optionally publish your library. Publishing your library will make it public. Unchecking will keep your library private. Publishing your library is currently the only way to share your library with others.
Editing publish settings after library creation is only available on the website.


Step 2

Now that you’ve created your first library you’re ready to begin adding items. This is where our fun, highly accurate, and seriously fast scanner comes into good use. Select your newly listed library from the list on the libraries tab. Next click the “+” in the top right corner next to the search icon. This will turn it into an “x” to close the dialog that appears. The dialog will give you options to either “Scan / Search Barcode” or perform a “Manual Entry.”

Selecting “Scan / Search Barcode” will bring up the camera scanner and allow you to scan ISBN or UPC barcodes.

Books published prior to 2005 may not have an ISBN barcode. If you scan an older book, it will likely register a false positive as you are scanning an unrecognized number. For these older books, please enter in the ISBN manually.
ISBN lookup can be performed by entering the ISBN or UPC barcode number in the field above the scanner.

Manual Entry should be reserved for rare/antique items without an ISBN or UPC. This feature allows you to manually enter data for each field.

Looking for more ways to add items. Checkout the website which includes CSV import and keyword search.


Step 3

Now that you know the app basics you’re ready to get social or checkout the website for more features.

Anytime you make a change on the app it automatically syncs to the website. However, changes from the website only sync periodically back to the app. We recommend going to Settings tab > Sync anytime you pick up the app after you know you’ve made changes to make sure its completely up-to-date. Read more about syncing.

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