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Before adding an item, you must first add at least one collection! Otherwise there is nothing to add items to.

Once you’ve added a collection, you can tap on that library name to bring you to the item list page.

At the top bottom right of the item list page click the “+” button to bring up the options to add items.

Barcode (Scan or Type): lets you either scan a barcode, or at the top of the scanner you can type an ISBN/UPC in the input field for lookup.

Books published prior to 2005 may not have an ISBN barcode. If you scan an older book, it will likely register a false positive as you are scanning an unrecognized number. For these older books, try typing in the ISBN at the input box at the top of the scanner page.

Manual Entry: lets you manually enter all of an item’s details.

After choosing either Barcode or Manual Entry, you will be presented with a list for the type of item you are trying to add. Select the appropriate type to begin scanning or entering in data. Currently Libib supports books, movies, music and video games.

Updated on October 12, 2022
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