Getting Started – App

Step 1 After you’ve created your account and logged in you’ll be greeted with a popup reminding you to add a library.  Click “OK” to accept the message so you can begin. Start by clicking the “III\+” icon in the bottom right corner of the Libraries tab.   The Add […]

Getting Started – Website

Step 1 After you’ve created your account and logged in you’ll be greeted with the Add Library screen. This is the first step to begin cataloging your collection. Select a title This will be the name of your library (a collection of items). Select a type (Books, movies, music, or […]

Getting Libib Pro

Creating a new account: simply visit and fill out the form. Or if you are on the registration page, click on the “Go Pro!” button. Upgrading an existing account: log-in to your existing account at, click “Go Pro!” in the left sidebar, fill out the form and submit. We do […]


Reports allow managers to download csv text tables of data related to lending. You can select all your libraries, or a single library to create a report on. The max range that can be exported at any time is 12 continuous months. Current reports available for export are: Item Aggregate […]


Publishing a library allows you to share it via a URL. URL Button is a link to the public page – which shows all published libraries. A users’ public page is accessible at Select libraries to publish if you want to publish or un-publish a library, make that selection here […]

Manage Library Managers

There are 3 types of manager accounts on Libib Pro: Owner The owner is creator of the account and a super-admin. They have full control over the site. There can only be one account owner.When an owner deletes their account, billing will end (no new charges will occur), and all […]

Add/Import Patrons

Patron CSV Import Template Adding patrons can be done in one of four ways: You can use the Quick Patron Add on the lending page, which only lets you enter in the name and email. You can go the patrons page, and click on Add Patron to enter in more details about the user. Options on the Add […]

Managing Patrons

The Patrons page is a running list of your patrons. From here you can search for patrons, add, edit, and delete. The Add Patron link allows you to enter in more details for a patron than the quick patron add on the lending page. You can also edit a user from this page and enter in additional details if you used […]


Holds is a running list of items that have been placed on hold by your patrons. From this page you can see the patron that has placed the hold as well as the date the hold was placed. There is a historical view of data available by changing the History […]